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Would you like to learn how to use the Internet and make money online today?

This membership is purely to help you make money online through various options available today and you'll be able to make considerable amount of money starting today.

Imagine this...

  • You started your online business....
  • You are making money every single day....
  • You have your YouTube Channel Making Money..
  • You are also making lot of money on social media...
  • You're selling your products, services, expertise, coaching & consulting services to people who badly want to pay you money to learn from you..
  • one year you hit your 6 figure goals...
  • You're now able to travel the world and work from anywhere...
  • Imagine buying yourself the dream car, the dream home, retire your parents, pay off your debt..
  • Imagine you finally started to create freedom for yourself in this world today....
  • You can making money while you sleep....
  • You don't have to go to work everyday....
  • Imagine money coming in from multiple businesses....
  • Imagine your bank account always flooded with new dollars being added for all the work you've done this far...

Would you want this kind of lifestyle?

Then I invite you to...

Join The Internet Income Academy!

This academy teaches you everything about:

  • Making Money Online (That Works Today).
  • Creating Content on Social Media & Monetizing It.
  • Starting, Growing & Monetizing a/multiple YouTube Channel(s).
  • Starting, Growing & Monetizing an/multiple Instagram Account(s).
  • Creating & Selling Digital Products Online.
  • Creating & Making Money Using Shorts & Reels.
  • Selling 1-hour Coaching & Consulting Services.
  • Selling 1-on-1 or Group Coaching Services.
  • Selling Courses on Udemy, Skillshare, and Other Platforms.
  • Offering Freelancing Services.
  • Promoting Affiliate Products & Making Bank.
  • Starting A Recurring Subscription Income Business.
  • Starting A Tee-spring business and selling Merch.
  • Creating & Selling Kindle eBooks on Amazon.
  • Creating & Selling Physical Books on Amazon.
  • Creating & Selling Audio Books on Amazon.
  • Selling In The DMs.
  • Running Paid Ads on YouTube, Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Building an Email List of Customers.
  • Starting An E-Commerce Business & Scaling It.
  • Creating Multiple Streams of Income.
  • Making a Million Dollars in less than 5 Years.
  • Building Your Net Worth.
  • Personal Finance Strategy.
  • Money Mindset, Habits & Skillsets For Communicating Better.
  • and so much more.

You'll learn the modern day money making skills that helps you to make money so that you can make more money faster and reach your income goals.

We'll also give you a plan to become a high net worth individual and become a millionaire in 5 years so that you can live the life you wanted.

Join now and you'll be able to get instant access.

Every month, new content under each category will be updated.

You'll also be eligible for recurring affiliate income, so you can make money while you learn & implement.

Module 0 - Welcome To The Academy:

  1. Introduction - Done.
  2. Important Instructions - Done.
  3. How You Can Make Money With This Membership. (Get 40% Affiliate Commissions Every Month).
  4. Affiliate Training: For Promoting & Getting Paid To Learn.
  5. Rules To Follow: When Promoting This Membership.

Module 1 - Mindset Training: To Develop & Install If You Want To Be Successful:

  1. Personal Mindset Vs Philosophy & Values.
  2. Money Mindset Vs How Money Works.
  3. Business Mindset Vs How The World Works.
  4. Work Ethic Mindset.
  5. Beliefs & Value Mindset.
  6. How Things Work In The Real World - Mindset.
  7. How Long Things Take To See Results - Mindset.
  8. Make Things Happen - Mindset.
  9. Power of Making No Excuses - Mindset.
  10. Power of Being Consistent (Even When Things Change) - Mindset.
  11. Work, Money, Fitness, Lifestyle & Relationships - Balance Vs Myth.
  12. Millionaire Mindset Vs Average People Mindset.
  13. Think About Being A Millionaire - Plan Now & Act Fast.
  14. 3 Levels For Everything: Money & Finances.
  15. 3 Levels For Everything: Business.
  16. 3 Levels For Everything: Lifestyle.
  17. How Physical Fitness Affects Your Mindset & Emotions. (Gets You To The Top of Your Game).
  18. Weak Mindset Vs Strong Mindset People.
  19. Action Taker Mindset Vs Just A Learner Mindset.
  20. Why Most People Become Broke (Money, Mindset & Resource Management Issues).
  21. Power of Leverage To Succeed In Life.

Module 3 - Habits & Routines To Become Successful Faster:

  1. Habits & Routines Are The Standards For Successful People.
  2. Structuring Your Day & Life.
  3. Getting Stuff Done Faster & Efficiently.
  4. Power of Compounding.
  5. Managing Fluctuations In Your Plan.
  6. Modern Day Success Habit: Produce Vs Consume.
  7. Becoming Productive & Getting Stuff Done.
  8. Done is Better Than Perfect. (Perfection Myth Resolved).
  9. Content Creation Value Plan For Success.
  10. Successful Millionaires Do This.

Module 4 - Internet Marketing Fundamentals:

  1. How Internet Marketing Started?
  2. The Old Model Of Internet Marketing.
  3. The Correct Model That Still Works.
  4. Important Elements of Your Internet Business.
  5. How To Create A Lead Magnet.
  6. Choosing An Email Auto Responder To Build Your List.
  7. How To Start Growing Your Email List.
  8. Consistent Activities To Build Your Email List.
  9. Building Value, Trust & Connection With Your List.
  10. Selling Something To Your Email List.
  11. Most Common Form of Selling - Sales Page Explained.
  12. Another Common Form of Selling - VSL's Explained.
  13. Sales Email Sequence Explained.

Module 5 - Online Business Fundamentals:

  1. How Modern Businesses Work Online.
  2. The Most Important Thing For Business Survival.
  3. Core Elements For Building A Self-Sustaining Online Business.
  4. Deciding Your Lead Generation Offer & Your Product Offer.
  5. Validating Your Online Business Ideas.
  6. Creating Your Lead Magnet For Attracting Leads.
  7. Importance of Traffic & Lead Generation.
  8. How To Drive Traffic From Social Media.
  9. Types of Traffic You Must Understand & Know.
  10. Getting Started With Content Creation Traffic.

And so much more....(Modules to be updated)

Who is this For?

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to make money online.
  • Anyone who wants to build various online businesses.
  • Anyone who wants to create freedom lifestyle.
  • Anyone who wants to make money & passive income.
  • Anyone who wants to achieve financial freedom.
  • Anyone who has ever dreamed of making 6 & 7 Figures online.
  • Anyone who has the determination to succeed & make it in life.

Who is this Not For?

  • Anyone who complains life is harder.
  • Anyone who is not willing to put in the work.
  • Anyone who is not desiring financial freedom in life.
  • Anyone who is not willing to invest to learn, Grow & achieve more in life.
  • Anyone who is looking for shortcuts in life.

What are you waiting for?

Choose which option better suits you and start your journey to modern day millionaire income freedom lifestyle.

Click the Button On This Page & Enroll Now.

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You'll get: (Over 100+ Hours/Month)

Monthly Membership Content
Group Access & Support
Group Coaching Program & Support
Affiliate Income
40% (All Tiers)
$40 a month

Internet Income Academy - Membership

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